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It Could be Wurst: School Lunches Then and Now

The second Sunday of every October marks the beginning of National School Lunch week, a time to recognize, appreciate, and support the meal programs at public schools that nourish so many of our nation’s children. Unfortunately, school lunches do not enjoy a great reputation in the United States; they are often derided as bland, over-processed, […]

Food Insecurity on Campus

Hunger.  It’s real.  It’s in our society.  And whether you know it or not, it affects college students at an alarming rate.  It’s called food insecurity….it sounds less threatening, but sadly, many students face this dilemma one or more times during their studies. We can discuss the why’s of how this is happening.  Continuously rising […]

The Many Faces of Water

Water is one of those strange things that some kitchens can easily ignore, confident in the quality coming out of their tap; while others are cursed to obsess over and spend to improve theirs. Wherever you wind up on that spectrum, it always pays to spend a little effort and attention on your water. As […]