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HACCP…Now More Than Ever!

The world is going through an unprecedented time right now…much different than the Great Recession of 2008, and different, but possibly equally as impactful, as WWII.  For certain, a situation that no one born after WWII has ever faced.  We, as a nation, and the world, are just starting to see the possible economic impact […]

Airline Club Lounges – A Slice of Zen

People travel by plane all the time.  And with travel comes waiting—and lots of it.  Waiting to get through security, even if you are TSA pre-approved.  Waiting at the gate…waiting to take off.  Sometimes it seems the amount of waiting is longer than the flight itself. Where experience is everything, airlines find there is stiff […]

Is Zero Waste Achievable?

We are an increasingly disposable society who for the past decade or so have realized that while disposable is convenient, it is not necessarily good for our communal existence here on Planet Earth.  Today, waste is big news.  It’s serious.  And it’s hard to ignore. The 5 R’s We need to manage our waste by […]