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Re-defining Waste: Designing Buildings for a Sustainable Future

It’s time to address our collective oversight when it comes to waste management.  Often relegated to the bottom of our priority list, waste is only now being given the attention it deserves during architectural planning.  However, relying solely on dumpster bins and trash compactors is not enough. In this blog, we will explore the crucial […]

The Food & Beverage Remote Ordering and Production Trend

The hospitality industry labor pool has shrunk.  The cause for the drop in hospitality employment can be traced to the initial layoffs associated with the Pandemic, followed by the Great Resignation, the economic downturn, better pay and benefits, and the desire for change.  Regardless of the drivers, it appears that these employees will not be […]

The Battle of the Deep Fryer vs. the Air Fryer

The ever-popular air fryer has worked its way into many homes.  Perhaps you have one sitting on your kitchen counter.  It’s the healthy cooking alternative to deep frying.  But is this popularity shared in commercial foodservice applications?  What is an air fryer and why should you care what type of fryer your favorite restaurant uses?  […]