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The Not-so-Sexy Drain

Drains are not sexy. They are not shiny, like a new combi oven. They do not stand out in a room like an 80-gallon kettle. They cannot wash racks of dishes at the speed of light. But what they can do is save you a huge headache when located and coordinated appropriately. Let’s Talk Drain […]

How Do Virtual Brands Relate to Foodservice Design?

I know you are asking yourself, how does this work? What is a “virtual” brand – is it real? What is virtual food? A ghost kitchen? If I drive over or have it delivered, will there really be a bag waiting with my name on it? Good news, the answer to all these questions is […]

The Supply Chain Conundrum

There is a serious supply chain crisis that continues to disrupt many industries and the foodservice consulting industry is not immune from this.  The pandemic has negatively affected the foodservice equipment supply chain from manufacturer to end user. How does the foodservice consultant deal with this?  What strategies should we implement to efficiently source materials […]