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January 2012

Armand Iaia
January 25, 2012
Designing with Staff Count in Mind

By:  Armand D. Iaia, FCSI Regional Manager – Chicago Office One of the things that many architects and interior designers don’t consider when they are planning foodservice facilities is the staff count and associated cost of labor that will be needed to run the facility they are designing.  While large cafeteria facilities typically generate enough […]

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Theodore Farrand
January 12, 2012
Programming for On-Site Dining

By:  Theodore E. Farrand, FMP President – Washington, DC Office  Definition and Purpose:  The term “programming” is a very broad category in the design world.  It can mean a simple list of rooms/spaces  with square footages assigned to each, or it can mean a detailed description of the operating parameters and design criteria for a […]

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