Keith Short
June 8, 2016
The Ramification of a Little Bean and a Little Leaf
The Ramification of a Little Bean and a Little Leaf

Coffee and tea is a daily ritual for all of us. It can make us happy, relax, and focus on our tasks ahead. Our gratitude goes to the Barista and the Infuser who have shared and delivered their knowledge on beans as well as leaves. Also, this includes the manufacturers of innovative equipment and accessories who have promoted sustainability and design efficiency.

Follow the Aroma

Let us follow the aroma and evaluate some traditional operating methods modified to be simple and new…

The Juggler (new for the USA and in patent stage), manufactured by, is an automated, refrigerated dispensing milk unit. The unit allows the Barista to focus on the creation of coffee at hand, thus focusing on the customer’s conversation or attending to other attractions happening within his or her surroundings. The cluster of milk bottles around the coffee machine and the adjacent bin overflowing with empty milk bottles, a potential eyesore, is alleviated when The Juggler is implemented in the design.

A side spray rinse and drip tray, manufactured from, complements The Juggler. This combination of necessities quickens the process of cleaning, and draining of the milk container. The proximity and integration of the unit not only satisfies the operators pace; but also, gives the architect a smooth level work plane for aesthetic requirements.

The Aroma of Technology

Now we have a brief understanding of practical ways simplified to express sustainability and design efficiency. Let’s try the aroma of technology…

A craft brewer, manufactured by, combines aesthetics and performance. Apart from creating a visual wow factor, this programmable brewing unit extracts, infuses and pours the perfect cup of tea! Of course it can do other types of brewing; however, creating a full body flavor in a short period of time only increases the addiction for a perfect cup.

Overall, the collaboration of the designer and operator’s requirements can be justified by implementing these items.  Each item combined together in a set-out, provides a showcase and quickens the beverage delivery for the prospective customer. Hence, the ramification!!

By:  Keith Short

Senior Associate | San Francisco

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