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Does Your Facility Get an A When it Comes to Environmental Stewardship?
Does Your Facility Get an A When it Comes to Environmental Stewardship?

Now that we are 23 years into this century this is what we know…  It’s no secret that our planet is on life support.  The younger generations are committed to saving our planet.  We can either embrace positive environmental change or be left behind.

While you might give yourself high marks for being environmentally aware, it can be difficult to put ideology into concrete action…

How exactly do you create a facility that supports sustainability, caters to the younger generations’ environmental mindset, complies with continually evolving regulations, and anticipates future trends all while allowing you to be fiscally sound?

Purpose Driven

Gen Z, the earliest born to this generation now in their mid-twenties, and Gen Alpha, the first generation born entirely in the 21st century, are committed to prioritizing climate change through action…and as children/grandchildren of Millenials, GenX, and even Baby Boomers, they have the ability to sway the mindset of these generations too.  They support sustainable and purpose-driven development, practices, products, and companies.  Environmental impact alone can determine whether they will purchase certain items, work for certain companies, eat in certain restaurants.  Their activism towards positive change for the environment is exhilarating and becomes an opportunity for all of us to make it a priority.

So, what do we need to do?

Design It

An intelligent design integrating sustainable elements of form with function is the first step.  Smaller, smarter, energy efficient, and vertical kitchens can reduce or, even better, eliminate wear and tear on our planet.  Utility usage can be reduced with ventless equipment, waterless wells, and electric equipment.  And more efficient technology-driven dishwashing areas do their part to reduce water consumption.  Specific operating practices can be identified early in the game to support the facility’s environmental vision.

ReThink It

Food waste while occurring for a variety of reasons before it even hits your facility also finds its way into the commercial kitchen.  Net Zero food waste is an environmental aspiration that a facility can achieve over time by creating a food program that includes re-purposing leftovers into fresh food offerings, composting, recycling cooking oil, offering plant-based food options, and using local, seasonal, and fresh food sources.

Let Us be Part of the Solution

 Cini-Little has long been an advocate for sustainable design.   We make it our responsibility to envision facilities that foster environmental stewardship.  Why?  Because we all want our children and grandchildren to know a beautiful and healthy planet earth.

by:  Kathleen Held, CEO

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