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Ronald Kooser

Ronald Kooser
September 28, 2011
Why can't I have that?

By:  Ronald P. Kooser, FFCSI CEO –  Cleveland Office Johnny asks:  Why can’t I have an ATV, like all the other kids? Suzy asks: Why can’t I have a pony like Jane? In response, Johnny might get asked: “Johnny, will you take care of the ATV, provide fuel, maintain it, buy insurance? And where will […]

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Ronald Kooser
June 2, 2010
Phasing saves money, but not sanity.

Shared by:  Ron Kooser, FFCSI Chief Executive Officer Cleveland Office You can just ask anyone who has gone through a multi phased/multi year construction project and they will question the savings, as they, and the staff has gone through h…….  But, they will also say it was a learning experience, if done properly with the thorough planning that […]

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