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About Cini•Little - Who We Are

We Plant The Seeds

Our Vision

At Cini-Little we play an important role … to plant the seeds of success. As we start each project, we first gain an understanding of our clients’ philosophy, their project objectives, and their hot buttons. Then we develop solutions that really work for them, whether it is a creative design that customers notice, new ideas for management to embrace and develop further, or green solutions that save money and meet environmental objectives. Whatever goals our clients have, we are here to help them be successful, because our success is built on our clients’ success.

Why Cini-Little

Our success is dependent on our ability to serve our clients.  That means we listen to them and really hear what they are saying and then bring our expertise to bear on the situation so that the best decisions for the client can be made.

We care about our clients’ success like it is our own.  Because it is.  And we get that.


It’s more than just a word to us.  It shapes our thoughts and our designs on both a personal and professional level.  It is an essential environmental responsibility that all of us must recognize in order to maintain our world in which we live.  We incorporate green practices into our designs not because we have to but because we want to conserve earth’s resources for future generations.